Our goal is to help make the lives of people living with ALS and their families a bit easier through volunteer assistance. Volunteers can bring their energy and talents to help the ALS community in Nevada. Please contact us at info@alsofnevada.org for all volunteer opportunities.

Whatever your goals, interests, skill set, availability, and comfort zone, we have opportunities for you, colleagues, friends, and family to join the effort. Enthusiastic volunteers are key to our success! The only requirement is the willingness to help and a little time. Volunteering is a great way to help the many people living with ALS and their loved ones, to meet other people, and learn new skills! We need you!

We are committed to honoring the integrity and commitment of our volunteer partners, ensuring that the experience is rewarding and enjoyable for everyone. We welcome corporate, school, and community service groups of all sizes and backgrounds. Our organization embraces the diversity that volunteers bring to our work, and we are dedicated to providing growth, fulfillment, and development for those who choose to contribute their time and resources.

We take pride in our volunteers!